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I felt relaxed from the first session. Bekki has a very soft calming voice and put me at ease . There’s not too much note taking as I feel this would make me feel uncomfortable. Bekki made me feel that all my quirks such as the SAD and slight OCD were going to be controllable and I would be able to deal with it . 

By the end of our sessions I couldn’t believe how much I’d changed. I didn’t notice for a while, but then looking back it was a huge difference. I’d changed in the way that I reacted to other people. Not being a doormat and not suffering fools gladly. Also accepting that I am what I am and that’s fine . 

I think I worried too much about how others saw me over the way they made me feel. That I am good enough and deserve happiness too. Bekki made me think logically and to take baby steps towards getting it . 

I’m hoping that once autumn comes which starts the slow process of my SAD that I will be able to cope using the methods Bekki has shown me.

 I really can’t fault Bekki, she’s such a lovely person inside and out. It’s not a quick fix but it’s a case of being able to cope and accept. I’m sure I was a challenge but I’ve come out with such a different view as I was sceptical. 


Bekki conducts herself in a very relaxed professional manner and is very easy to talk to. She is open minded to all subjects and nothing is too much trouble. She worked with me to fit the hypnotherapy sessions around my hectic lifestyle and didn’t complain when I had to postpone, she just happily rebooked me in. Bekki  is always so enthusiastic about everything and helped me enormously, and she set the scene perfectly with the background music and scented candles. Very well thought out session 😊

I went into this with a completely open mind. I’ve always believed in hypnotherapy so was quite excited to test it all out. It certainly changed whatever idea I had of it. I imagined that I would have no control of my thoughts or my body but that simply wasn’t the case. Bekki certainly blew me out of the water with this one. I highly recommend this young lady she’s inspired me no end for years and this is all just a testimony to the years of hard studying.

The whole way through I was always pleased to see Bekki for our escape sessions 😊 I was always left feeling like a weight had been lifted for a little while. Its been a process but my self-confidence is now a lot higher than it was 6 months ago. I’ve progressed my career through the RAF cadets and my business is taking off in new directions. This is due to the power of positive thought that Bekki drilled into me week after week. And it’s finally sunk in 😀 negative thoughts are now turned quickly to the positive and my life is a lot better for it. Thank you, Bekki, for everything you’ve done for me and I wish you every success in your new career 😊


I really like to listen to bekki voice and it makes me relaxed and calm. The flexibility of sessions is a good habit as well. [Skype sessions to Europe] 

I never expected the hypnosis can have effect on me, but it does.

It should be a daily routine for everyone. These times life is speeded up a little and people forgot to stop, relax and look back what is done.



Bekki conducts herself in a very calming and comfortable way and has a very pleasant manner that makes me feel at ease.

The sessions with Bekki actually exceeded expectations where actually I didn’t think it would work. Whereas now I would recommend it to anybody. It really helped me and I wouldn’t be where I am now.

I became more rational over the period of sessions and it helped me make better decisions in my day to day life. I was very irrational at the start.

I think Bekki is a wonderful person and helped me in ways I never thought possible.


Both the general level of satisfaction, and the timeframe in which it arose, surpassed my initial expectations. In the last few weeks I’ve made definitively more progress than I have in the last few years and feel as though the positive momentum has continued, even though the course has come to an end. The sessions have rejuvenated long-lost levels of relaxation and confidence, with seemingly little effort on my part. I know it’s a cliché, but “I feel like myself again”.

I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect in terms of the course’s content when it was first proposed to me, but was told by a close friend that hypnotherapy has been scientifically proven to work and may well be worth pursuing. Having struggled with anxiety and depression, whilst gaining little reprieve from various methods of professional and self-help, I was skeptical that this was going to be the “miracle cure” I was looking for, but decided to give it a go nevertheless.

It’s important to me personally that I understand the reasons behind something working if at all possible, so it was instantly reassuring to hear the answers to each question asked in the initial consultation (and beyond) being delivered so confidently, portraying a clear understanding of the subject matter.

Bekki was easy to talk to and had a good ability to engage/understand/interpret without judgement.

Supamegadon-9000 aka tom