Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you are totally in control of what’s happening in your own mind at all times. If you think of hypnosis like a guided meditation or daydream, you’re almost there. 

Hypnotherapy is completely safe for those with epilepsy.

No, hypnotherapy is different from stage hypnosis. It is not mind control, nor will you reveal any personal secrets. In fact, whilst in hypnosis you will do no talking, you will be just simply relaxing.

After the consultation, you will be asked to listen to the audio recording each night at bed time throughout the course of your treatment. This will not only help you into a sound night’s sleep but it offers a tool of self-hypnosis which you can continue to use even after our time together has come to a close. 

There is a level of commitment which will be required of you in order for you to fully engage with the process and reap the most benefits. 

You are required to be committed to the process. This means agreeing upon regular weekly sessions and making progress towards your set goals.  

Levels of success depend on participation; as long as you want to change you can change. There will be small progressive steps made each week, which will be decided on and carried out by you. With commitment you will see a difference. 

The consultation is an opportunity for us to meet each other and to discuss what you are seeking help with. We do not talk in length about any of your problems. We will do a simple information gathering form including demographics and a very brief medical history. The rest of our time consists of a tailored explanation of how the brain works, based on what problems we are working with.

This part of the consultation is often very informative and enjoyed by a great many as it provides a new and clear way of thinking about our brains and why they do the things they do. After this session you will be walking away with a new perspective and will already be on the first step towards creating lasting change for yourself. As well as a free hypnotherapy CD or digital audio file within your repository of sustainable self-help tools.

Hypnotherapy actually involves much more than simply hypnosis. The first part of each session will follow the same format of brief talk therapy which you will become familiar with. This involves positive introspection of your week, progress analysis through a scaling exercise, an agreed next step and any tasks to complete for that week. I’ll then guide you into a beautifully relaxed state of hypnosis where your subconscious can focus its attention on enhancing creative solutions in those areas which need it most.

Hypnotherapy gets to work both within our one-on-one sessions as well as outside in your daily life because you will take home many key learning points and will have opened access to your own inner resources. 

The answer to this lies within the progress which is made by you. Certain problems do naturally take a little longer than others to overcome. Sessions do not usually exceed 12 in length.